custom headlights

Custom Headlights

What are custom headlights?

These are custom-made headlights for cars not cheap wanna be’s like most halo projector headlights you can find all over.

There are substantial differences between custom-built headlights and aftermarket headlight assemblies that just try to badly mimic and create bad stereotypes on high-performance projector headlights. Aftermarket headlight assemblies look tacky and take away from the design and overall appearance of your vehicle while custom headlights for cars can improve the performance all the way up while retaining the factory look. Know there are great improvements to be done no matter if your vehicle came with reflector headlights, halogen or hid projectors. Even if you already own a set of the poorly designed aftermarket halo projector headlights we can still put them together with the right equipment.

There are two ways to get started with us when ordering custom headlights. You can either visit our headlight retrofit service page. Make sure you fill out the form at the bottom of that page to get in contact with us. Or you can visit the SHOP link on the navigation page and search for your vehicle. We might have some ready designs that could interest you or help you get some ideas for your custom set. Don’t forget we can build you a set of custom headlights for any vehicle or motorcycle, just because it’s not in our catalog does not mean we are unable to get it done.

tacoma retrofit headlights
Tacoma Retrofit Headlights
Custom Headlights

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