2009-2018 Dodge RAM 1500 Custom Paint LED Halo Projector Headlights

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HRK PERFORMANCE: Our headlights are the brightest you will ever have. Useful headlamps shouldn’t cause excessive glare; ours create zero. Add the most extended light output and unbroken light distribution. For more than a decade, we’ve worked hard to earn our outstanding reputation. Car guys world-wide know that HRK carries the internet’s best selection of high-performance automotive custom headlights. After all, auto lighting is all we do.

CUSTOMIZABLE LOOK: Amazing. Effective. Desirable. Your ideas plus our skills will help you get what you want out of your headlights and, ultimately, your ride. We apply ourselves substantially. We know how particular your vehicle is for you, we are car guys too. Any headlights you see on our website can be further customized, watered-down, or anything in between. It’s your headlights, and we make them your way. Price is simple to calculate, labor plus parts, we are happy to itemize the cost involved if you think it’s too cheap or expensive, and you can alter those parts as needed. What headlight brand do we use? What brand projectors or halos? You ask, and you shall receive! When we put together a design and price together, it is because it works, and most seem to agree they are fire.

CUSTOM VS AFTERMARKET: Is this even a question? Aftermarket headlights are the wrong way out, so finicky so useless. Compare factory style headlamps to the aftermarket, and you will realize the best word to describe any aftermarket headlamps is tasteless, which in turn will give it the perfect far-off/dumb look your vehicle won’t appreciate. Wait not to be impressed with the light output too, very dim all the way around, and spending over 1K on them won’t help it either. They are still, well, aftermarket. 

READY TO INSTALL: We know your car, which in turn will require no modifications to your vehicle. The headlamps will plug into the factory plugs from your stock headlamps. With the necessary connectors, rubber seals, and pigtails for a plug and play installation. We cover any additional connections and wiring harness when the headlights are heavily customized, significantly reducing installation time and headaches, eliminating any mistakes or damage to your vehicle or new headlamps. We make sure it’s easy to install with simple to follow instructions no matter how elaborated and customized your headlights become. We are always available for help on your installation when you take it to a shop or DIY. Forget about error codes, flickering issues, hyper-flashing, or radio interference and won’t void your factory warranty.

WELL-BUILT: Building custom headlights is easier said than done. Having a local do-it-all shop to get a shot at it, a skilled friend, or even yourself under the magical spell of retrofit part retailers that make it look easy all the way when in reality, don’t build headlamps themselves. Truth is there is only one way to create custom headlights but endless ways to get it wrong. We have lost count of the many steps involved in this process, but nothing can stop us because this is what we enjoy doing every day. Getting those videos and pictures from our satisfied customers shows we are doing it right every time.

DOT APPROVED: All new headlamps we order give the stamped DOT approval on the front lenses to show they are street legal. No headlights are allowed for sale without DOT approval, and we don’t need to go through an approval process because we do not manufacture the housings. We provide a service in which, if used correctly, it will only exceed the compliance with the law. Aim of headlamps is the biggest concern; headlight retrofitting does not affect the factory level adjuster, unlike most aftermarket headlights sold even with DOT approval. Some you have to remove from the vehicle to adjust the height of the beam. Avoid heavy customizations if DOT could be a problem for you to use your new headlamps like deleting side marker lamps or running around with halos turned on with other colors than white or amber.

ETA: First come, first served. We follow an order list and update your order accordingly through our Headlight Tracker. Orders usually take less than two weeks but can take up to four weeks. We include free ground shipping, but you can pay additionally for expedited service for when your order is ready to ship. We recommend you place a deposit for your order to secure an earlier spot on the list if you need your order sooner. This way, we can build your headlights in the regular timeframe but still making it in time for your desired time of arrival.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: When you buy our custom headlights, you become part of this growing family that HID Retrofit Kit has turned out to be. We know and clearly understand you are upholding us to great lengths of trust. We rep for you, and your goals are ours to crush. Thank you for your support!




    Set - Left/Right sides

  • DRLS:

    RGBW, Chasing Halo lights with more than 20 colors and modes and turn signals function

  • HALO:

    RGBW, Chasing Halo lights with more than 20 colors and modes and turn signals function


    Yes ( but most of the time pictures are taken without front lenses to show up close details)


    Plug & Play






    Shown In White. Include a note at checkout with the desired color scheme and vin/ color code


    Custom painted



    2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Ram 1500


    Exceeds All Standards For Illumination, 100% glare reduction onto oncoming traffic, the ultimate light output and distributing across the cutoff line are all achieved by the main projectors used in the retrofit.



    LHD ONLY ( Contact for RHD)


    P67 Waterproof


    High Impact Polycarb (UV-Resistant)



  • COLOR:

    5000K White



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    Creating custom Ram 1500 headlights is an art and we have mastered it. Being the leaders of headlight customization since ages we are not only the best service provider but the product providers also.

    We help you to be part of the Ram projector culture that promises you a superiorly focused light beam. Dedicated to what we do, our skills of customization make driving in the night an unbeatable and safe experience for you.

    The 2009-2018 Dodge RAM 1500 Custom Paint LED Halo Projector Headlights are way ahead of any market product that surpasses your expectations. These are one of the most complicated sets to put together and you will receive a product that is easy to install and run without hassles.

    Contact us by clicking on “Modify This Product” if you wish to make other changes to these headlamps.

    SPECIFICATIONS OF THE RETROFIT 2009-2018 Dodge RAM 1500 Custom Paint LED Halo Projector Headlights

    • New Factory Style Projector Headlamps
    • In App Bluetooth Controller
    • LED Round Halos with Turn Signals
    • LED RGBW Boards with Turn Signals
    • Custom Paint of Your Choice ( Shown in Bright White). Please submit your desired color code at checkout with any specific requirements you might have.
    • Retrofit Labor
    • Made in USA
    • Shipping To USA

    The bluetooth App allows you to run the halos, C shape halos and boards on different channels in order to mix and match colors and functions like flash, strobe or fade.

    Will fit the ” classic ram” version from 2019, which is the same model as 2018

    Our team is very dedicated and passionate about building the biggest, maddest, sickest, out of this world most magnificent custom headlights for our customers. All the products and materials are the very best ONLY. There are no weak spots on our builds. From 3M to PPG, we take great pride in our work. Made in The USA!



    HID Retrofit Kit is about creating one of a kind custom headlights that truly perform by literally magnifying the power of your vehicle’s headlamps to give you the best light output and a much safer driving experience by reducing the glare imposed by incorrectly altered headlights or even unrefined factory reflector headlamps.

    Especially relevant, we stand behind our customer above all, and all our lights come with a limited lifetime warranty. Any issue big or small you know we are here to help and get it right, and we will pay to get your headlights back and get them fixed. Usually, it’s a matter of lousy handling when there is an issue, and you can tell just from receiving the box. Even if it is not our fault our priority is that you are 100% happy so we will be eager to make it right.

    We know your auto is unique and our mission is to bring you even closer to it. Most don’t get how much the face of your vehicle upgrades with just the addition of quality retrofitted headlights and the incredible performance and value that adds up.



    Get a full free led package to complete the look of your vehicle after you send us quality images of the installed custom headlights.



    Visit the Retrofit Service Page on how we can turn these 2009-2018 Dodge RAM Halo Headlights even more unique for you.


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