Ford Super Duty Square LED GLOW Halo HID Retrofit Headlights

$660.00 $561.00


So many options of aftermarket headlights for your Ford Super Duty truck but they all have one thing in common, they are a downgrade from your stock headlights and that is why we do custom retrofit headlights so you can get the best performance and the looks you really crave to make your truck look one of a kind. This set was kept as close to the original Harley Davidson headlight style look as possible while adding a subtle touch and the amazing light output of bixenon projectors with 3″ ultra clear lenses for a nice color flicker effect in the cutoff. In this case we added square black gloss shrouds with the new acryoptics led halos to get a more agressive style that will make your truck noticiable a mile away. Now you can add a set of dual color led bulbs to replace the ugly incandescent light bulbs and match them with the LED halos on the headlights.

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